2011 Renault Fluence E4 Diesel Variants Launched in India

2011 Renault Fluence E4 Diesel Variant 2011 Renault Fluence E4 Diesel Variants Launched in India

India is a fast developing country which has been performing well for the couple of decades in the spheres of the automobile and engineering segments to outperform any European country. It has been made possible on account of the indefatigable effort of Indian government and other private organizations in the emulsification of the automobile sectors in a more dynamic way. Renault India has fulfilled its dream to release Renault Fluence E4 diesel fed car which is fully upgraded to cover several miles without creating any trouble to dissatisfy passengers.

A short overview can make you more knowledgeable about the technical upgradation of the Renault Fluence E4 diesel top end model which has been gifted to Indians for undergoing car trips on weekends. This is the car which is well built and its functionality is higher and more appreciable due to the installation of sophisticated tools. The automatic transmission of E4 trim is capable of backfiring good amount of torque to travel via servos and clutch disc hub to activate the rear wheelbases. E4 model of Renault lineup is extremely beautiful with chromo insulated exterior structure which lessens the over-all burden of the hardware of the vehicle.

For better information, you need to log in the official website of the company. The technical specifications have been flashed in e-journals and other blogs. You need to check the availability of these technical features

The detailed list of features on Renault Fluence Diesel E4 is as follows. The New Features are highlighted in blue colour:

  • Chrome insulation on windows and trunks.
  • Front washers which are used to remove water runnels from the glass windshields.
  • Plush leather based interior upholsteries to decorate the vehicle
  • Dual Zone automatic climate checking and recording apparatus.
  • Automatic lighting fixture and accessories
  • Rain sensitive wipers to protect cars from being damaged due to over-exposure to the rain water.
  • Parking sensors at the rear side.
  • Cruise control and speed regulator
  • Sun blinds at the backside of the car compartment.

A group of experienced technical experts used their technical skills and expertise in the upgradation of the vehicle. Electro Chrome rear view glass reflectors have been installed into the compartment of the car for better observation. CBOX/ digital socket has also been inserted to increase the efficiency of the vehicle. Door handles are insulated in cost effective and eco-friendly silver metal. 16 inch alloy wheelbases are durable. The rubber bands are used to rim the contours of car wheelbases to ensure better movement of car through highways. Soft touch standard dash is also equipped with an upgraded binnacle for better navigation.

Electric defrosting rear glass screens have increased the structural aesthete of the vehicle to a great extent. Besides there are energy efficient powertrain, automatic transmission, servos, exhaust system, carbon diffusers, and properly upgraded torque converting device to multiply the amount of torque for the acceleration of the efficiency and dynamism of this car. The outboard seating location has been properly selected to ensure better safety of child inside the car. The child restraint attachments with anchors at the rear side enhance the protection of the vehicle. Electronic infotainment system, an odometer to measure the distance, a speedometer and a tachometer have been properly inserted and located in a perfect angle to reinforce the street navigation programs. There is also a powerful Bluetooth device which has been installed into the car for better communication.

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