2011 Suzuki Envisions a Global Compact Car with Regina Concept

suzuki concept regina tokyo motor show 3 2011 Suzuki Envisions a Global Compact Car with Regina Concept

Regina is the unborn baby which Suzuki will give rise to soon to satisfy car lovers. Suzuki is the well known automaker and it has done an extensive research to give a concrete shape to this sophisticated car which is famous for aggressive fascia, innovative style and sleek compartment.

Regina is the concept vehicle and you will have to admit that in terms of quality, energy efficiency, modern outlook and taut exterior design, this vehicle can outperform its hardcore rival in the automobile industry.

This light weight fashionable vehicle has been beautified by using the magnificent car upgradation tools to bring more speed and dimension to the new concept vehicle. This vehicle has a powerful 800 cc turbo charged petrol fueled powertain which performs superb in the discharge of torque/applied force to activate the rear car wheels. The size of the car is 3.5-metres in length and 1.6-metres in width. The concept vehicle is 730kg in weight.

The most innovative design has been chosen to upgrade the car. The Japanese automaker has used the modern methods to tune the car in more perfect way. This sophisticated vehicle has comparatively low drag-in engine co-efficiency by 10 percent.

This concept vehicle has undergone a JC08 fuel efficiency test. The rate of fuel economy is 32km/L. The carbon emission rate is not massive as it is limited to 70g/km or less.

This aerodynamic car has a glossy structure. The retractable car seats are more comfortable to sit on. The interior décor accessories have been totally modified to enhance the structural elegance to a great extent. The glass insulated windows and non movable quarter glass has added new feature to the car design. The vehicle has a strong chassis. There is the complete absence of scuttle tremor and structural deformity. There is adequate space inside the compartment of the car for the safekeeping of car passengers. The lighting fixtures of the compartment of the concept vehicle are properly tuned to the vehicle. However, there is no declaration about the exact selling price of this futuristic baby.

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