2011 Toyota’s MR2 Based GRMN SPORTS HYBRID Concept II – Fuel Efficient

2012 Toyotas MR2 Based GRMN SPORTS HYBRID Concept II 2011 Toyotas MR2 Based GRMN SPORTS HYBRID Concept II – Fuel Efficient

Toyota has singed a long lasting MOU with Gazoo for manufacturing GRMN SPORTS HYBRID Concept II which is based MR2 roadster. This futuristic car model will be showcased at 2011 Tokyo Motor exhibition. This concept vehicle looks majestic due to the marvelous color contrast. The whole compartment of the vehicle has been tuned by installing hi-tech car upgradation tools. GRMN sports hybrid car is really energy efficient and fuel economic.

The aesthetic appeal of the vehicle is dazzling and appreciable. This is the vehicle which has several sophisticated car upgradation tools for the acceleration of the efficiency of the car. The specialty lies in the enhancement of sleek design with aerodynamic shape. This car has become the cynosure of the attraction. Toyota and Gazoo have decided to upgrade the car using the latest Japanese technology. GRMN concept vehicle has already been gifted to car racing expedition in Nürburgring in Germany.

GRMN stands for Gazoo Racing turned by Meister of the Nürburgring. Hiromu Naruse was an unlucky Japanese car driver who met with a street accident while driving Lexus LFA Nurburgring Edition. New car has been named after Nurburgring.

The new vehicle has been upgraded with a number of car upgradation accessories. You will have to overhaul the car for getting authentic information in relation of the insertion of a new powertrain, automatic transmission, exhaust system and torque converter. A 3.5 liter capacitated V6 gasoline based engine delivers 249 hp. There is also an electric powered motor to supply power to the rear wheels. The torque transmission mechanism is also very excellent.

This is the vehicle which has been painted in glossy red color. The fascia of the aerodynamic car is designed with a thin trapezoidal grille which seems to have aligned with the bonnet in such a way; you won’t separate the grille from the texture. The fluorescent lamp bezels are durable and solid in construction. The interior design of the car is attractive. The retractable car seats, an energy efficient odometer, a tachometer and the compact street nav system have been installed with care to check the technical drawback.


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