2011 Volkswagen Amarok Highline – A Review

2011 Volkswagen Amarok Highline 2011 Volkswagen Amarok Highline – A Review

2011 Volkswagen Amarok Highline 3 2011 Volkswagen Amarok Highline – A Review

2011 Volkswagen Amarok Highline 2 2011 Volkswagen Amarok Highline – A Review

After going through a compact car modification and upgradation under the impact of the sophisticated technology, Volkswagen has gained both fame and recognition in the development of the cars by utilizing the user-friendly tools to reduce the cost and control carbon emission level .

Volkswagen Amarok edition is fully equipped with an eco-friendly 2.0 liter capacitated DOHC turbo charged diesel inline four engine along with a fully upgraded drive-train kit. There are other car upgradation tools like exhaust system, carbon diffusers, servos, torque generating devices, metallic struts, suspension dampers, torque converters, calipers, and street nav systems which have been given a special priority for a proper upgradation. The output of the torque is naturally 400 NM @ 1500rpm. Besides, a six speed ZF manual transmission will be inserted to increase the efficiency of the vehicle. The rate of fuel economy is pegged at 7.9 l/100km. The level of carbon emission is 209g per kilometer.

This car has ensured comfort and coziness which will be delivered to car passengers who want to get relief after a long journey by this vehicle. The squabs of the retractable car seats inside the compartment of the car are not only soft but also glossy in color contrasts. You will feel a nostalgic temperament at the time of looking askance to the decorated dash which is also equipped with a binnacle and hidden drawers for the safekeeping of the small artifacts.

The upgraded odometer is used to measure the distance covered by a vehicle. Experts have put emphasis on the upgradation of this device to bring perfection to the distance measurement issues. Tachometer is naturally required to calculate the rotation of the car wheelbase. Street nav system and tachometer have been taken care of by specialists to ensure trouble free nocturnal navigation.

Other essential equipments include climate-regulating air-con attachments, a 6-speaker CD/FM(radio) system, cruise controlling option, multi-functional displaying unit , map checking lights,18-inch alloyed wheelbases, infotainment system, and heavily accented chrome plates to ensure the overall beautification of the car.


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