2012 Cadillac CTS to Launch Compact V-Series-like Touring option

2012 Cadillac CTS Touring Edition 2012 Cadillac CTS to Launch Compact V Series like Touring option

Cadillac has announced that it has worked out on the upgradation of an extensive car tuning package. Experts of Cadillac have revealed that the new car upgradation kit will include energy efficient drive-train package, street navigation attachment, climate checking tools, glossy faux suede insulated upholsters, magnetic ride operating and hi-tech suspension dampers to check the overflow of friction. Metallic pedal pads and Sapele wood finish have been used to design the car with perfection.

Major emphasis is thrown on the lighting fixtures. HID headlamps are even active during rough weather. The low rate of drag-in engine co-efficiency helps the car to rush swiftly in the storm. It can force its way through the strong blow of wind.

The dual exhaust system is another new feature to ensure better upgradation of the car. The interior space of the vehicle compartment has been well taken care of by experienced engineers. More attention has been paid to develop the interior section of the car.

The carbon emission possibility has been minimized to a great extent. Carbon is harmful to humans. It lowers the life-expectancy. Keeping in mind the bad impact of the lethal carbon, experts have used the sophisticated powerful carbon diffusers, exhaust system and other carbon controlling devices to increase the safeguards of health of man.

Touring Package is cost effective and profitable as it gives the total freedom to car owners to drive their vehicles in a care free mind. 3.0L touring package is available for $2,065 whereas the cost of 3.6 L capacitated Touring package is approximately $2,810. This touring package has Recaro retractable car seats for comfortable traveling. 19-inch wheelbases are durable and highly upgraded. Your vehicle will run on the track of the highway. The whole CTS car upgradation program also includes Bluetooth supported street nav system, infotainment attachment with properly tuned odometer. The water runnels removal wipers are also included in this premium touring package.


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