2012 Caravelle Edition 25 to Be Launched by Volkswagen

2012 VW Caravelle Edition 25 2012 Caravelle Edition 25 to Be Launched by Volkswagen

Volkswagen is a German automaker which has signed up a long term contract with Britain for backfiring 225 newly manufactured Caravelle Edition 25 vans of Volkswagen lineup. These sophisticated vehicles will be launched in the market of Britain after doing final checking to detect the minuscule dents in the structure of the compartment of the car.

According to official staff members of VW automaker, these futuristic cars will be available in several magnificent color shades like candy white and reflex silver. The Edition 25 van model has a number of new technical features like jet black color accents to magnify the beauty of the exterior design of the car. Modern bespoke system inside the vehicle is also workable and fully competent.

The futuristic vehicle has been tuned by inserting a number of car designing and upgradation tools like Xenon headlamps in the perfectly covered bezels, tailboard LED lamps and properly manufactured wagon station at the rear compartment of the vehicle. This German van will be also fuel efficient.

The colorful van is equipped with satin black colored 18 inch Edition 25 car wheel bases which are rimmed with flexible and performance based tire bands. This van has been manufactured by competent engineers who are very efficient to make the van using their modern technology. For instance the introduction of Climatronic air cooling system is really user friendly and conducive to the safekeeping of the health of passengers who will have no problems to breathe fresh and cool air. In this vehicle, a powerful object detection sensor tool along with an audio visual satellite street nav system. Bluetooth interface is another good feature to establish the strong communication with outsiders. Lane Change Assist system, park recognition devices along with noise reduction mechanism have been opted for to ensure the acceleration of the car upgradation.

2.0 liter Bi-Turbo powertrain is propelled by diesel and it is capable of delivering 180 hp. 7-speed DSG dual clutch automatic transmission speeds up the supply of the torque generated by engine. The servos and torque converter have been insulated in toque fluid to accelerate the amount of this applied force to travel to activate car wheels. 4MOTION all-wheel drive attachment is also a new feature of the car. The sprinting time of the vehicle is 11.3 seconds to cover 62mph. The topmost speed of this light weighted vehicle is 119 mph – 191km/h.


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