2012 Confederate X132 Hellcat – A Technical Review

confederate hellcat x132 628 2012 Confederate X132 Hellcat   A Technical Review

Founded in Alabama, Confederate Motors Inc specializes in making exotic street range motor cycles, since 1991. We hear that the Confederate Motorcycles has finally brought before the world their latest creation, and it’s a wonder!

Named X132 Hellcat is the most recent in the line of the “heirloom” creations, and this bike can proudly be stated to be made up of a billet aluminum engine case, machined from two hunks of 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum.

This motorcycle is claimed to be a purebred i.e. unlike its other brothers (and sisters) this one was created without the reliability from the outsourced engine cases.

Nevertheless, rumor has it, that the V-twin gurus at S&S most likely have had a hand in the lump’s development. Much like the other bikes that have originated from the manufacturer’s Alabama facility, the X132 Hellcat too, has been made of high-end components which goes right down to its stainless steel nuts and bolts.

This high level of detail is not without its share of a price tag. With great beauty, comes a heavy price, after all. If anyone plans to purchase on these beauties, they have to make sure they are able to pay up $49,500.

But this price is a lot cheaper than the company’s previous versions of bikes. And still it would provide you with 145 pound-feet of torque from a 2,200 cc V-twin engine. Also, the bike weighs 475 pounds.

Nevertheless the amount of money which this bike claims can always buy yourself amazing cars and still have enough money to fuel your toy. It might be awhile before you can begin to properly take care of this baby. But hey, if you can shell out $49, 500 in one-g0, you can always find ways to look after your car’s fuel.

The company plans to bring out two X132 Hellcat models per week, once it is January. There are more details and pictures of the Hellcat available in company’s official website.

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