2012 Continental GT and GTC with V8 Powertrains

2012 Bentley V8 engine for Continental GT and GTC 2 2012 Continental GT and GTC with V8 Powertrains

Bentley has not harbored the futuristic plans. It has already revealed that the company has no plan for stopping any long lasting growth oriented project in the interest of both management and employees. Now this company has also confirmed the release of 2012 Continental GT and GTC car models in the upcoming year.

The GT and GTC models will be spoon fed with a V8 engine which will have a maximum capability to generate torque. 4.0 liter capacitated V8 powertrain will be exhibited at the Detroit Motor show. The newly tuned V8 powertrain is capable of back firing 500bhp at the rate of 6000rpm inclusive of 660NM torque. 8-speed automatic transmission is also available in the car upgradation kit. The sprinting time is under 5 seconds to cover 100km/h with a topmost speed of the car being 290km/h. For being acquainted with exterior and interior modifications of the vehicle, you need to collect information from the official site of the company. However depending on the tectonic of extrapolated facts and few snapshots of this car, it can be guessed that this car will have a compact drive-train kit.

The powertrain, automatic transmission and exhaust system along with suspension dampers have been properly tuned. The functionality of the dampers is well due to the terrific performance in checking the friction through the collection of the shock to bring stability and dynamism to the car.

The interior designs of two car models will be modernized as a team of skilled car designers have been given the special permission to apply their own imagination and innovative views to beautify two car models. Up-to-date street navigation tools will be installed into the cars. The risk of technical failures is naturally low and 2012 both Continental GT and GTC models are under upgradation process. These new car models have upgraded tailpipes, a gorgeous dark finish to impact the fascia of the car using eye adjustable colors, and a red enamel bearing “B” badges.


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