2012 Electric Concept from Volkswagen

 2012 Electric Concept from Volkswagen

The German car company Volkswagen founded back in 1937 is known for their amazing cars and the new concepts which they never seem to run out of. They are all set to unveil a new all-electric concept next month. Of course at one of the motor shows – this time, at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show.

This concept is dubbed as being a “pure” one, and therefore no production has been made the model for this car. The car is going to have a unique design, even though there are going to be some Beetle-esque styling cues. This feature is going to be given to the cars in the hopes of getting the electric concept a friendlier and more familiar feel.

Nevertheless do not make the mistake of thinking that this car is going to be an electric Beetle.

The Detroit Auto is also going to see the launch of Jetta Hybrid. It would be brought before the world media by the German automotive company – Volkswagen’s reply to Toyota Prius.

This new model is going to be powered by a 1.4-liter turbocharged engine. There are, however, no confirmation on the details about the power and performance specs right now, for this model. November 2012 is the estimated time for the Jetta Hybrid to come to the showrooms of the cars.

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