2012 Holden Barina – A Car for GenNext

2012 Holden Barina 2012 Holden Barina – A Car for GenNext

2012 Holden Barina 3 2012 Holden Barina – A Car for GenNext

The one industry that never seems to get any rest is the car industry. Latest to join the bandwagon is the 2012 Holden Barina. This five door light hatchback has debuted into the market priced at $17,990 and the company has claimed that it only uses 7.3 L/100 km of fuel. A recent road test of the car has revealed that in spite of being a small car, it can very comfortably fit four adults, hence proved ideal for nuclear families.

The ‘X-Factor’ of the car is that it is gender neutral, thereby making it both suitable for men and women to utilize the car to their benefit. It is after all a very well comfortable ride and comes with the necessary equipments. Experts have however not been impressed by the twin-clutch competition of the automated gearbox or the high boot load lip.

The 2012 Holden Barina designed by the Australian designer Ondrej Koromhaz has been successful in upgrading this version’s interior quality and feeling from its predecessor. Test riders have confirmed that the gearbox feels a lot easier under the hand, and the finishing of the car is amazing. Reports have also indicated that this car has struck chords with younger buyers.

The seats of the car have been specifically designed and adults would not have any trouble adjusting to it. In fact the driver’s seat had been created with utmost care, as well as others in order to accommodate enough leg space. A major problem which we find in most of the small cars made today. However, children might find it a little difficult to look from above the high level seat belt. Nevertheless it was designed for their own safety.

This 1.6 L petrol four cylinder follows the old tradition of the Barina engine, and is capable of producing 85 kW and 155 Nm. The test takers have also mentioned that the brake in the car could do with a bit of tweaking.

Armed with state-of-the-art techonology, and running against cars like Ford Fiesta CL Powershit and Nissan Micra Ti automatic, this is one car that looks like it is here to stay. We wish it all the best in the market.


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