2012 Hyundai i40 Tourer Launch – A Short Review

2012 hyundai i40 tourer launch  2012 Hyundai i40 Tourer Launch   A Short Review

2012 hyundai i40 tourer launch 3 2012 Hyundai i40 Tourer Launch   A Short Review

The new i40 Tourer is not a step down from the i45. It is more expensive and with this money comes better interior, greatly improved on-road dynamics and equipments as compared to the i45. Moving towards the interior the style of the cabin is quite identifiable as belongs to Hyundai which include swoopy centre stack, blue back-lit LCD panel, and Brand’s button heavy steering wheel. The European quality is seen in the interior. The base Active and the flagship Premium graded are available for launch while the supply for mid-level Elite is low for short term. The premium stands out with its neatly trimmed leather seats and its standard equipments. The front seat in it are both ventilated and heated while the only drawback in this cabin is the headroom shortage which is due to the panoramic sunroof. For the customers with children there is a set of air outlets for the passengers at the back.

Both the Elite and the Premium are equipped with a luggage rail system in the boot which can be adjusted and which targets family buyers. The 2.0 L directly injected petrol has respectable numbers with 130KW and 213 Nm but dragging the 1600kg Premium it feels quite strained. The 2.0 GDI needs a lot of revs to arrive at a decent speed while the diesel engine with 100KW and 320Nm is a better option. It produces a torque of as low as 2000rpm which results in a relaxed performance from the petrol engine. So it has an engine that is refined as some of the European turbodiesels. The suspensions resists roll and turns accurately without being firm over bumps.

The first impression on the basis of the first drive is that the i40 Tourer is a fine car and the extra money spend on it is worth.


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