2012 Kia Ray EV Car – More Energy Efficient

2012 Kia Ray EV Photos 2012 Kia Ray EV Car – More Energy Efficient

2012 Kia Ray EV Photos 2 2012 Kia Ray EV Car – More Energy Efficient

2012 Kia Ray EV Photos 1 2012 Kia Ray EV Car – More Energy Efficient

Korean technology is much more advanced and upgraded than its neighboring countries like Pakistan and India. Recently, Kia, the Korea based vehicle manufacturing firm has proved that it is not trailing behind any European country in the case of car upgradation and tuning program. Recently, the management of Kia has made an official declaration in which it has been clearly stated that Kia will not feel pain to manufacture a battery powered e-car which will be eco-friendly and fuel efficient.

Kia Ray EV carriage is capable of covering 86 miles on first recharge. The powerful energy efficient battery cell can be fully charged within 25 minutes or less. In a technical spec sheet, experts have given the detailed information about the car upgradation and tuning accessories. 50 KW capacitated electric powered motor delivers the sufficient power to activate the wheelbases. The sprinting time of this e-vehicle is 15.9 seconds to cover a range of 62mph.

Ray edition of Kia lineup is naturally competent to run smoothly. The whispering sound of this electric powered vehicle will soothe ears of frequenters and passengers. This battery charged vehicle delivers 123 pound feet torque. A comparison study has stated that this new engine generates at least 77 percent torque in excess over the 1.0 liter capacitated engine which was earlier used to provide torque.

However, in the very beginning, you can’t expect any chance to buy this e-car soon. In another short official brief backfired by the top brass of the management group of the company, it has confirmed the release of this EV car for government aided agencies in Korea. You won’t be able to buy this car right now. If you want to fulfill your dream, you must wait for the next official announcement. This car is not able to contaminate air as it is totally battery powered. Experts have installed the modern car upgradation accessories to increase its efficiency.


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