2012 Laguna Coupe to Be Launched Soon by Renault

2012 Renault Laguna Coupe 2012 Laguna Coupe to Be Launched Soon by Renault

2012 Renault Laguna Coupe 1 2012 Laguna Coupe to Be Launched Soon by Renault

2012 Renault Laguna Coupe 3 2012 Laguna Coupe to Be Launched Soon by Renault

December is the last month to end 2011 and a new year will be celebrated on the upcoming 1st January 2012 by clapping, spraying perfumes in air, sprinkling rose water, planting roses in pots, and backfiring highly flavorful Champaign to welcome new year. However, Renault has not stopped its production for indulging the celebration. Experts are busy of manufacturing a sophisticated Laguna Coupe by using the updated technology and easy to operate street navigation tools to make the car more efficient, fuel economic and more eco-friendly.

A one-off model of Laguna Coupe has already been allowed to participate into an international Bologna Motor Show for display. The aerodynamic shape of the vehicle is really a matter of attraction to youngsters who like to drive fashionable cars with properly tuned street nav systems. The futuristic vehicle is equipped with 2.0-liter dCi 150 diesel fed powertrain, automatic start plus off modes, energy retrieval system with an upgraded brake and automatic transmission tool to channelize torque for the activation of car wheels. This vehicle spends 4.5 lt/100 km (52.2 mpg US) and it also releases 118 g/km carbon in air for better protection. It is a decrease by approximately 13% comparing to old drive-train attachment. In addition, Laguna Coupe is also equipped with 4 more diesel fed powerplants. Company offers M9R 2.0 dCi in three different editions. The three eco-friendly engines deliver 150HP, 175HP or 180HP in succession. 3.0-liter V9X dice backfires 240 hp. Inside the car cabin, passengers will feel comfy to sit while traveling by cars. Retractable car seats are naturally durable. The steering wheel is ergonomic. The odometer, a tachometer and a speedometer with climate checking/monitoring tools are also installed into the compartment of the car for better efficiency.

Negative and positive cambers of car wheels are really controllable. However higher level of negative camber is more conducive to the production of traction to the tire bands. The powerplant is also more capable of delivering torque to re-activate wheelbases.



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