2012 Luxgen 5 Sedan Received Top-to-Bottom Facelift

2012 Luxgen 5 Sedan 2 2012 Luxgen 5 Sedan Received Top to Bottom Facelift

2012 Luxgen 5 Sedan 4 2012 Luxgen 5 Sedan Received Top to Bottom Facelift

2012 Luxgen 5 Sedan 2012 Luxgen 5 Sedan Received Top to Bottom Facelift

Taiwan is a small country which is trying to spoon feed its economic infrastructure by ensuring the production of cost effective and easy to operate vehicles to earn foreign revenues. Luxgen is one of the sought after automakers which may snatch your day dream by offering you few colorful snapshots of extraordinary majestic sedan, coupes and sport utility vehicles.

Luxgen has already released MPV, SUV and other light weight vehicles to increase the sales and ensure the speedy enlargement of the business all over the world. However, this time, Taiwan automaker has taken a growth oriented auto upgradation project to upgrade new car under the brand name of Luxgen 5. It is a sedan car with a sophisticated car upgradation kit. Highly energy efficient hTC technology has been used to increase the efficiency and upgradation of the concept vehicle.

Luxgen5 sedan will be showcased at an international 2012 Taipei Auto Show for public view. This is the energy efficient showpiece with a number of sophisticated car tuning features. Every corner of the vehicle has been upgraded taking the complete advantage of modern technology. Decorative wings, 12 curvy strokes and fluorescent lighting fixtures have increased the glow of the car. In a recent statement issued by CEO of Luxgen has admitted that this is the vehicle which has been fully tuned from top to bottom. Very high quality leather upholsteries have been used to design interior section of the vehicle. Besides, there are an excellent automatic transmission device, exhaust system, powertrain, dampers, carbon diffusers, and fully tuned displacement attachment which have been planted inside the engine compartment.

There is also a spoiler, a pair of rear view glass reflectors, sun visors, dashboard with binnacle lying on the center of the platform of the dashboard and windshields. The non-retractable quarter glasses have also been attached with the side windows.


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