2012 Mazda2 Genki – A Short Review

2012 Mazda2 Genki 2012 Mazda2 Genki   A Short Review

2012 Mazda2 Genki 1 2012 Mazda2 Genki   A Short Review

2012 Mazda2 Genki 2 2012 Mazda2 Genki   A Short Review

It is by the addition of more equipment and light styling revisions that the Mazda Australia has improved the appeal of the Mazda2 Genki. In the interior the new model is hard plastic but with a superior quality while the steering wheel wrapped in leather and gear lever adds to the superior feel. The removable divider looks somewhat cheap. So far comfort is concerned; the seats at the front are small but quite comfortable. The right knee of the passengers at the front seat is crowded with the centre stack while the passengers at the back lack proper headroom. Rear legroom and the bench are comfortable for two adults and the rear door apertures are small which makes it difficult to get in and out.

The new model is equipped with dusk sensing headlamps, rain sensing wipers, trip computer and climate control air conditioner. Other features include mirrors, power windows, fog lamps etc. with no Bluetooth phone integration. It can carry about 250 litres with the back seats up and it can rise up to 469L with the seats folded. Power of 76KW and 135 Nm torque may look small but is enough for the Genki’s 1032kg to move smartly. When it gets fully loaded it start loosing its zing which is common for a naturally aspirated motor of this size.

Tyre noise is quite noticeable despite its NVH suppression and at times the automatic light throttle engagement can be jerky. This model is fitted with sports tuned suspension with firm springs and dampers. The electric power steering responds quickly transmitting information to the driver’s hand. The brakes pedal has also become more responsive.

Although the light car section is competitive but the Mazda2 has confirmed its worth by heading private sales in that segment. Its superb dynamics, engine and its value for money has made it hard to beat. However, there is space for improvements.


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