2012 Mitsubishi Challenger 2WD Launched

2012 Mitsubishi Challenger 2WD 1 2012 Mitsubishi Challenger 2WD Launched

When you decide to buy a car, you will have to do proper investigation to choose an authentic automaker which has earned reputation and appreciation from various sections of the society.

Challenger 2WD 2012 will be released by Mitsubishi which has made it clear that under any circumstance, the management will not spare any technical slipshod in the upgradation of the vehicle. Mitsubishi launches a new ‘look cool and feel good’ interior car design program. When you traverse your eyes to check the interior space of the Challenger, you will be overwhelmed to have wonderful glimpses of double tone interior with eye catching retractable car squads. The dash is ultra-light with a properly tuned binnacle on the platform of a dashboard. The street nav system has been technically developed to make odometer, tachometer and speedometer more energy efficient and powerful in performing excellently. There is an air spoiler to let the air flow inside the vehicle to refresh body and mind. Retractable car squads, leather upholsters, child restrain accessories and interior décor attachments are fully revised and properly tuned to enhance the functionality and beauty of the vehicle. This car is competent to offer a hassle free car trip to passengers. Its eco-friendly features are beneficial to car owners/users.

The advanced technology has been used to upgrade the vehicle in a more organized way. Experts have installed the soft squabs into the rear compartments of the car. The height of the seats is adjustable and suitable to the aged as well. You will not feel worried about the safety as the latest street nav tools have been used to tighten up the security system. The price range of this vehicle is $39,990 at an initial stage. However, in the case of the usage a 5-speed manual transmission, price will be down to figure out $36,990. The rate of fuel efficiency is 9.6 l/100km. The latest bandwagon style has been opted for to design the compartment of the vehicle.


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