2013 Kia Forte design sketches leaked

86939253729066355 2013 Kia Forte design sketches leaked

The gents at Kia-World.net have sent the interesting design sketch pointing towards the next generation Kia Forte. The only clue of its authenticity comes from the reliability of the one who posted it on Kia-World. Known as ‘Himi’ has a history of posting information far in advance of discovering authenticity. The posting has been done since 2005 but it is hardly convincing so it’s up to you to decide but it is hopeful that the quality of reproduction speaks for itself. As per Himi, they have their hands on the image which gives a preview of Kia’s next generation C segment sedan. This model is all set to make its debut officially in 2012 and is supposed to substitute the Forte sedan which was on sale in the US since 2009.

The Kia Forte has been only in the US market since 2009, hardly typical six years for a manufacturer in order to introduce the model for next generation. However, Kia believes that introduction of fresh product which is more in line with the design language is the priority. It is to be reminded that the company has achieved a unbelievable transformation with consecutive sales increase of 17 years while this aggressive move is hardly surprising for the manufacturer to keep the thrust going.

At this point of time this is all just speculation, but if the image is authentic and planted purposely then a debut in the Auto Show to be held at Detroit, the upcoming month is quite possible. Now let us see what comes next, weather the renderings offered in the net are authentic or not and weather we are faced with a new model or not. To see if a new model comes up in the Detroit Auto Show next month we have to wait till then.

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