2013 Lotus Esprit Offers Hybrid Options

2013 Lotus Esprit 2013 Lotus Esprit Offers Hybrid Options

2013 Lotus Esprit 2 2013 Lotus Esprit Offers Hybrid Options

It was not long when Lotus was criticised and the automaker was a charged of biting off more than it can chew. It was in the Paris Motor Show held in 2010 that Lotus had shown six new concepts on a shaky financial ground. Whereas, it seems that the company has made a turnaround under the leadership of Danny Bahar, the chief executive. Autocar reveals that Proton has extended his contract for four more years being impressed with the five year plan. So money is no longer an issue as Proton seems to be satisfied funding for both the developments of its new automobiles and the Formula 1 efforts. This means that the projects of the all new Lotus Esprit will move ahead as per schedule and the supercar is to make its debut in 2013.

The base model will be hybrids and will be using a V8 engine attached with an electric motor which is supposed to produce an extra amount of 100 hp. This is a mainstream model and the faster variant will take a different direction. According to Bahar, the other Espirit models will not be hybrids and the engines will produce more power but the major gains will come from weight loss. This model will appeal to customers choosing Ferrari or Porsche. Since the bulk will be sold in this configuration, this will help in pulling up fuel economy. On the other hand one cannot expect the fastest Espirit to come with leather upholstery or climate control option.

Such philosophy has achieved success with the Porsche 911. To know if this works well for the new model or not we have to wait till 2013. We hope this comes out successful and satisfies customer needs. We have to wait to see how it performs and wish that it will do well and will come upto the expectation of its customers.


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