2013 Scion FR-S goes on Sale Next Spring

2013 Scion FR S 2013 Scion FR S goes on Sale Next Spring

2013 Scion FR S 1 2013 Scion FR S goes on Sale Next Spring

2013 Scion FR S 3 2013 Scion FR S goes on Sale Next Spring

2013 Scion FR S 4 2013 Scion FR S goes on Sale Next Spring

It was with the presentation of the 2013 Scion FR-S after the Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ were introduced in the Tokyo Motor Show that the third chapter which turned out to be a long story have come to an end. The name chosen for the North American version of the Toyota 86 symbolises front engine, rear wheel sport. It is supposed to be a rear wheel drive sports car. This is a 2+2 coupe which has joined the family as the fifth model. This will enter the US and Canada markets for sale in the spring of the upcoming year.

According to Jack Hollis, vice president of Scion, this is iconic with xB, groundbreaking with iQ and adrenalized by tC. He further added that the new model will serve as a halo car expanding the brand to a new dimension of driving performance. When with the concept version of FR-S in the New York Auto show we were impressed, we had slight hope that Toyota’s brand by applying the same styling treatment would come up a different way. But this did not happen as both the models have come up as identical twins.

The Toyota 86 have the same mechanical hardware and layout as read many a time before which includes the 2.0 L horizontally opposed engine with D-4S injection system that includes both port and direct injection. The naturally aspirated four agitate 200 ponies and 151 pound feet torque, and it is linked to either a six-speed automatic or a six-speed manual transmission.

Whereas the FR-S will be featured with 17 inch alloy wheels and ventilated disc brakes in all the four corners. This model won’t come with the ‘Start’ button or the cool aviation style rocker switch. It is expected to exhibit balanced performance and handling, flexibility utility, compelling style and surprising MPG. The price for it has not been finalised but it is expected to be somewhere around the mid $20,000’s.

This model is inspired by the AE86 whose aim is to achieve pure balance. This balance begins with the use of the world’s flat boxer engine and rear wheel drive configuration. The engine is compact and flat in shape which allows it to be mid-shape which in turn gives the car a favourable front to back weight ratio of 53:47 and a low gravity as compared to other supercars. The balance is realized by the lightweight and compact size of the model. This combination helps the car to be quick in and out of the corners. The weight is kept low by using an aluminium hood, a solid roof and by using a trunk design instead of a hatchback.

The fierce exterior is a reflection of its inner power. The profile as inspired by the Toyota 2000GT reveals a roof line and hood that is sleek and low which gives it an aerodynamic shape which leads air over the top. The coupe’s menacing face that is made up of a wide mouth, sharp lines and angular headlights are continuously exaggerated. The rear fascia sits low with aerodynamic lower treatment surrounding the dual exhaust system. The front fenders boast of the iconic 86 piston emblem and this highlights the car’s AE86 heritage. The LEDs illuminating the taillights and the center mounted backup lights give a complete look to the muscular design.

With all these features this model is all set to hit the markets from the upcoming spring. We hope it performs well and satisfies its customers. We have to wait for more news till it hits the market and comes out successfully.


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