Audi to Invest 13 Billion Dollars to Rejuvenate Car Upgradation Program

1460913517375577576 Audi to Invest 13 Billion Dollars to Rejuvenate Car Upgradation Program

Audi car manufacturing firm has set a record breaking performance by releasing numerous light weight cars which are propelled by either petrol or diesel. However, Audi has also manufactured e-cars which are battery powered.

To be frank, this German automaker has finally made another attractive declaration at a press conference. Experts of this company have been empowered to pay heed to the production of light weight vehicles which should be based on hybrid technology and e-mechanism as well. It has been confirmed by headquarters of the company that Audi will be speeding up its growth oriented projects by bringing major changes in the pattern of car. Approximately, 13 billion euros have been calculated for the investment in the enhancement of car tuning and upgradation program. This huge down payment made by the company is a historical incident as the management of Audi did not invest recklessly to run the risk for the production of eco-friendly cars.

The whole amount will be utilized to upgrade cars which are supposed to be backfired from the production units of the firm between 2012 and 2016. The electric cars are more energy efficient. The fuel consumption rate will be low. Battery powered sleek vehicles will be made for spoon feeding people. To ensure the speedy completion of the car upgradation program, the company has already energized its management team to absorb more employees to strengthen the car upgradation program. By the end of 2011, Audi has appointed 3500 workers at different sister branches. However, the management of Audi will recruit more 1200 skilled laborers and workers by 2012 to speed up the car tuning programs.

Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm workstations of Audi automaker will be perfectly refurbished and reshaped by investing money. Every year 2 billion euros will be backfired from the treasury of the company for changing the facelifts of the workstation of the company. This type of massive financial insulation will certainly nestle the automobile industry. Audi is trying to overtake problems and become a superpower in the global market.

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