Bridgestone to Manufacture Non-pneumatic Tire Bands

Bridgestone non pneumatic airless tire concept Bridgestone to Manufacture Non pneumatic Tire Bands

Japan is the lucky country to have the magnificent snapshots of sunrise at first overtaking other nations. Japan is also the first Asian country to have digested two atom bombs way back to II world war. However, in spite of massacre and genocide, this country has shoved its way through the piles of obstructions to reach its destination. Japan can compete with any European nation in upgradation of cars, music systems, electronic gadgets and different types of home appliances. Bridgestone is a Japan based tire band manufacturing company which has gained lot of appreciations from various quarters. It has recently announced that it would manufacture non-pneumatic tire bands. This airless tire is eco-friendly, smooth and durable. Non-pneumatic tires are applicable to highways. It can take extra pressure comparing to conventional rubber based tire bands.

However, in spite of availability of caboodle of advantages in using these non-pneumatic tire bands, risks seem to be enlarging and prevailing so far regarding the possible side effects of non-pneumatic tire bands. Few critics have claimed that it is matter of urgency to delve into the matter of the percentage of negative impact of installation of non-pneumatic tire bands. One should verify whether it is possible to change the damaged non-pneumatic tire bands without doing harm to chassis, platform, struts and dampers of the car. Secondly, non-pneumatic tire bands are ultra light and therefore it is under investigation to check the ability of these modern tire bands to bear friction with harsh and rough road.

There is no information about the introduction of these concept tire bands. However it is clear that Japan is prioritizing the sophistication of fashion and technology traversing eye balls from the conventional car design. Japan is trying to capture international market by releasing superb e-babies and electronic baby boomers to send its rivals on the sidelines. Bridgestone is making its attempt to manufacture durable, smooth and environment-friendly non-pneumatic tire bands.

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