Google Got Patent of Releasing New Car with Dual Operating Modes

Googles Self Driving Car Google Got Patent of Releasing New Car with Dual Operating Modes

Google has earned the required no-objection certificate issued by the concerned authority of American government to have the patent to run the vehicle with dual driving modes. To be frank, this vehicle has two operating systems- self driving mode and other one manual operating system. In a press release, one of the spokespersons of the company has told reporters that this new vehicle will be more eco-friendly and fuel economic. You can drive the car or this vehicle will run on its self driving mode too as there is the availability of self-driving feature. The introduction of automatic driving option has brought a massive technical breakthrough in the automobile industry.

This one-off concept vehicle with dual driving modes will be showcased at Millennium Park located in Chicago. This is the vehicle which is equipped with a sophisticated street nav system. In addition, energy-efficient road mapping sensors are extensively beneficial to people. Landing strip is one of the updated features of this concept vehicle. In simplest language, a landing strip mechanism is helpful to the independent detection of any object. The car will automatically trace tree, bumper, lamppost and any dilapidated construction site. Landing strip mechanism has undergone a terrific change.

On the first day of hands-on trial, this car will run smoothly to reach the sport of Cloud Gate inside the Millennium Park. Again after taking a short break, this car will go to Crown Fountain at the Millennium Park. It will take maximum 5 minutes break after each trip at the Millennium Park. This car is uploaded technically advanced automatic street nav sensors to run smoothly in the street. The inner space inside the vehicle has been utilized properly for decoration. The four wheels of the car are not wimpy. The tire bands are durable. The rear boot lid of the vehicle is properly adjusted. The frontal fascia of the car has been upgraded with a pair of beautifully decorated lamp bezels with flanges. Besides, the trapezoidal grilles, air inlets, skis, and bumper will be used to upgrade the vehicle. It is beautiful to look. The weather checking apparatus inside the car has been modified to a great extent. The self-driving car will be seen in the market just after the first premier show.

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