MagMog Car Upgradation Project Stands Suspended Second Time

2012 Morgan EvaGT1 MagMog Car Upgradation Project Stands Suspended Second Time

Highly energy efficient 4-seater EvaGT coupe has received another date for its appearance in the international market for commercial purpose. EvaGT coupe is supposed to be backfired by the end of 2014 after the cancellation of MagMog project twice due to partly lack of fund and the second reason may be a type of lack of proper technical configuration to give the final shape to this concept model. MagMog car upgradation project is naturally expensive and therefore the company has already shot a number of applications to other sleeping partners and share holders for getting financial enhancers to speed up the car tuning programs at high speed. To be frank, the whole car tuning project has been suspended as the company suffers from financial stringency to spoon feed this growth oriented project.

However, Technology Strategy Board transferred £1.4 million worth checque issued to the name of MMC Morgan for starting this car upgradation program. There are other financial benefactors like Superform which should have provided the adequate supports in the form of both financial aids and technical backup for the fulfillment of the dream of the company. However, eventually the date of the premier show of this futuristic vehicle has been extended up to 2014.

The specialty lies in the usage of ultra-light magnesium over aluminum to design the compartment of the vehicle. Magnesium is not only light in weight but also its durability is remarkably magnificent. This car won’t be damaged easily in harsh weather. The technical upgradation process will be completed with competency as a team of the best engineers of the company will be pressed into service for emulsifying this energy-efficient vehicle.

The exterior design of this futuristic vehicle has been well taken care of by using the innovative technology. The sharpness in the upgradation of the fascia of the futuristic vehicle is remarkably prominent whereas the interior portion of the car has been utilized by installing the retractable car seats with outboard child restraining squad with anchoring system to ensure the availability of the childcare inside the car.


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