Marangoni’s 2012 Range Rover Evoque HFI-R to Be Beautified Attaching Ruby Red Tire Bands

Marangoni Range Rover Evoque HFI R Marangonis 2012 Range Rover Evoque HFI R to Be Beautified Attaching Ruby Red Tire Bands

Marangoni Range Rover Evoque HFI R 1 Marangonis 2012 Range Rover Evoque HFI R to Be Beautified Attaching Ruby Red Tire Bands

Marangoni Range Rover Evoque HFI R 7 Marangonis 2012 Range Rover Evoque HFI R to Be Beautified Attaching Ruby Red Tire Bands

Range Rover Evoque has an aggressive outlook with aerodynamic fascia. This eco-friendly vehicle has had a compact car upgradation kit which ensures the structural elegance, proper beautification and glossy style of the vehicle. Marangoni is a known Italian automaker which has earned reputation by manufacturing tire bands for different types of vehicles.

Marangoni Evoque is a concept car. Meanwhile, experts have tuned a one-off car model of Evoque line-up. This model car will be transferred to Bologna motor show for exhibition. The main advantage lies in the usage of sophisticated vehicle to save fuel, protect environment and lower the risks of car accidents. The superb exterior texture of the capsule of the concept vehicle has been painted in magnificent colors. However, more attraction is hovering on the design of car wheels. Ruby red colored tire bands are supposed to rim wheelbases. Contours of the wheels of the vehicle will be protected from water, mud and dirt due to the installation of fenders which are attached close to wheelbases. HFI/ Hybrid Fuel Injection mechanism is more user-friendly and conducive to the betterment of the vehicle. 2.0 liter capacitated petrol fed powertrain produces 296 bhp. A well fitted carbon fiber insulated air box has been planted into the car cabin. Stainless steel made exhaust system is durable, workable and more competent to increase the efficiency of the vehicle. However, apart from the usage of petrol to power the vehicle, hydrogen gasoline product will also be injected into the tank to generate power to activate the car properly.

A proper retrospection can update your mind properly. Just walk down the memory lane to have colorful snapshots of conventional fastback models. However, with times running speedily, modern vehicles are more glamorous, cost effective, eco-friendly and fuel economic. To be frank you will feel the touch of classic style in unison with sophistication of aerodynamic design to ensure the superb fashionable luxurious vehicles. This car is meant for teens or young hearts to undergo romantic journeys by driving their dream cars.

The interior section of the cabin of this futuristic vehicle has been utilized brilliantly. Modern car designers know how to express the artistic glow by blending the flavor of passion and ultra-light effect of imagination to produce a compact synergistic impact on this concept vehicle. If you look askance at the dashboard inside the cockpit of the vehicle, you will be excited to watch the soft, glossy and flat dashboard which is equipped with a binnacle for better street navigation. You can deny the eye contact with the glamorous ergonomic steering wheel. The non-retractable quarter glass has impacted the car design to a great extent.

Your mind will be swinging and bouncing due to the release of sweet melodious musical tunes coming from e-infotainment system. You will have to feel good whenever you watch the highly transparent windshields, wipers, and retractable seats inside the cabin. You will be happy to learn that experts have done extensive researches, experiments and hands-on trials to test the efficiency of the vehicle. Before the introduction of the vehicle to the market, a team of experts will perform extraordinarily to add more color, and speed to the vehicle.

The red colored tire bands will no be exploded easily. Deflated tire bands are always detrimental to the safety of the vehicle. More attention is supposed to be paid to the acceleration of fuel efficiency, enhancement of structural design and the upgradation of the navigation systems to ensure the trouble free car trips.

Finally, the cosmetic makeup of this concept vehicle has been completed successfully. Italian designers have applied high quality weather resistant Titanium Fluid Metal based color to emulsify the exterior texture of the compartment of the vehicle. If you like to know more all about the future plans to tune the car in different way, you will have to log in the official portal of the company. Lastly, the price tags of the concept vehicle are still inside the wallet of the CEO who will soon declare the original prices of this magnificent eco-friendly vehicle.


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