Modern Day Volvo P1800 – Produces a Nostalgic Impact

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Christopher Benjamin, the Volvo Design Director, was dictating the historical background churning out records and facts about the forefathers of Modern Day Volvo P1800 which has been upgraded and tuned up by using the sophisticated technology. On the occasion of 50th Anniversary of Volvo P1800 model, the director was seen walking down the memory lane by recollecting the glorious past of Volvo lineup.

It dated back to 1961 up to 1973; the 2-door hatchback coupe was given a concrete shape by Pelle who served at Carrozzeria Pietro Frua firm. Karmann enjoyed the right to manufacture this energy efficient notch back vehicle. However, in between the management board of Volkswagen which was the customer to buy cars from Karmann requested the manufacturer to stop the production of this notch back car as it could produce the negative impact on Volkswagen to sell Karmann Ghia. On request, Volvo P1800 models were withdrawn from the production units. It stood to reason; people were no longer able to find this car in the streets.

However, after a hiatus of two years, P1800 car model was showcased at Brussels Motor Show for hands-on demonstration.

Jensen Motors was empowered to build the upcoming P1800 models. The fact is that this type of transition put pressure on the management board of Volkswagen to a great extent. Jensen Motors is a British firm and it manufactured different car models using various car upgradation technologies.

Volvo P1800 is therefore ensemble of classic car design and modern dazzling structural elegance. You will feel the soft touches of ultra light sophistication of exterior design and mild effect of classic interior design. Color contrast is remarkably excellent. Tire bands are not wimpy. The street nav system has been modified to a great extent. To increase the smartness of this car, modern car designers have applied the specially tailored car upgradation kit to make the car more sophisticated and fuel economic.

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