More than just a favorite car: 2014 Chevrolet Impala

chevrolet impala front More than just a favorite car: 2014 Chevrolet Impala

It has been a little over ten years ago, when the Chevrolet Impala had been launched and it’s a little overdue with its changes, even a replacement.

The eighth generation of the Chevy’s full-size sedan kind of switched to a front-wheel drive, layout, when GM was on a revamping mission back in 2005.

Automotive News Data Center says that the Chevy has sold over 2.8 million units of the current model since 1999. The best year of the vehicle had certainly bee 2007, and there were close to 311,000 deliveries.

And this year, till the count was at the end of November, General Motors has managed to sell close to a whooping 161, 000 Impalas.

Nevertheless it is time for the current Impala to make way for the new and improved model. And just last week, GM confirmed the plans for developing the 10th generation Impala. This car is all set to be produced both in Oshawa Assembly Plant in Canada and the Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly Plant.

There has been no news from the Detroit-based car maker, but there is some interesting news, nonetheless about the Impalas. It is all set to share its platform as well as mechanical hardware with the upcoming 2013 Cadillac XTS. They have even scheduled a release for the car in North America for 2013, as a model year for 2014.

This platform which was used by the two cars has been developed by GM’s Epsilon architecture. These two cars are both going to be available with front and all wheel drive, and this is actually a first for any Chevy model.

The car news site has also gone on record saying that an insider source says (who had the opportunity to spy a clay model of the 2014 Impala at the GM’s design studio), the new model sorts some design which are quite similar to the previous generation of the Audi A6.

Even though the current Impala is quite popular with its hoards of customers, the new one is all set to be more upscale. They are even offering a better ride and handling!

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