New Chevy on the Block: 2011 Camaro Red Zone Concept

2011 Chevrolet Camaro Red Zone Concept New Chevy on the Block: 2011 Camaro Red Zone Concept

2011 Chevrolet Camaro Red Zone Concept 2 New Chevy on the Block: 2011 Camaro Red Zone Concept

General Motor’s division, the Chevrolet, and founded by Louis Chevrolet (along with William C. Durant of General Motors) in 3rd November 1911, have brought forward yet another charming car concept all set to sweep car enthusiasts off their feet when they witness the miracle.

The Chevrolet Camaro has been around for more than fifty years now. It had been first launched in the mid-sixties, in an effort to woo the lovers of Mustang towards the Chevrolet. The Camaro certainly has been quite a popular and fascinating car – especially in the car lovers’ circle.

The Red Zone Concept Camaro revels in that same feeling, and it comes along with a slew of new accessories, which is going to bring more joy to the simple experience of driving in day to day life.

The color to be used on this concept car is called the Crystal Claret – which kind of gives you the impression that you are staring an oversized ruby. If we have to spell it out for you: it’s an obnoxious way of saying the car is going to be painted red (it’s called Red Zone concept for a reason, after all!) But the feeling of a ruby is made clearer due to its careful selection of rims from Chevrolet that has been finished in silver, and has a polished surface.

An official Chevy licensed product, the Pedders kit, is what is used to make the entire car lower. It also helped in improving the handling characteristics.

The car also has this strut tower brace, which helps to keep any lateral movement of the front suspension assembly during harsh cornering. It, therefore, allows the front wheels to contact the road in the way the suspension had been designed for.

There are heritage stripes on the car. These, of course, have almost thirty years of history attached to Camaro. And this hereditary thing carries itself into the special edition of Red Zone Concept Camaro.

One of the highlights of the car is the titanium leather interior with silver ice inserts and black leather instrumentation.

Something to take note of about the car is the titanium leather interior. That has silver ice inserts along with black leather instrumentation.


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