New Hybrid Variant of Accord Sedan to be revealed in 2012

Honda Accord Luxury New Hybrid Variant of Accord Sedan to be revealed in 2012

Now as the Tokyo Motor Show is over, there is a lot of news coming out regarding the future plans of Honda. Apart from the Acura-badged NSX hybrid that is heading towards Detroit, it is heard that Honda is also preparing hybrid powertrains for the mainstream models. While speaking to the Bloomberg News, Takanobu Ito, the President of Honda Motor said that the company has plans to introduce a hybrid version of the Accord sedan in the upcoming year. However, he did neither reveal which market would get the model nor did he say anything on the setup of the engine.

Keeping aside the remarks of the President, the company have released some details on its powertrain plans which include a new twin motor hybrid system and a 2.0 L hybrid powerplant. In a press release, it is stated that mid-sized vehicles which are featured with the two motor hybrid are scheduled to start production, beginning with the plug-in model in 2012 and the hybrid model in 2013. They further added that the plug-in models would make use of a charger and a lithium ion battery.

It is just after the introduction of the Freed series, its hybrid in Japan consists of six models adding the percentage of the hybrid variant vehicles among the new registrations in the current year ending in March 31, 2012 is expected to be around 50 percent. This is just a brief introduction on the model that is coming up next year, however, more details will be revealed later on. As the development of this new car progresses there will be much more regarding the body parts, engine, mileage and many more things. Till then we have to keep guessing and look forward for more details. We hope that we with this new model we will be able to satisfy our needs. So let us wait and see what it has in store for us.

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