Sports Utility Vehicle – 2011 Lexus RX Hybrid

2011 Lexus RX Hybrid 3 Sports Utility Vehicle   2011 Lexus RX Hybrid

2011 Lexus RX Hybrid 4 Sports Utility Vehicle   2011 Lexus RX Hybrid

2011 Lexus RX Hybrid 2 Sports Utility Vehicle   2011 Lexus RX Hybrid

The sports utility vehicle of the Lexus brand by and large follows the style statements of its preceding counterpart. Consequently one gets to notice close resemblance between the versions offered in 2010 and that offered in 2011. The moderately sized utility vehicle has two sets of trims to offer. With its space accommodation of five passengers, the crossover includes two trims in its ‘450h 4X2’ & ‘450h 4X4’.

Incidentally both the trims of this sports utility vehicle include V6 of 3.5 liters. Besides generating two hundred and ninety five Horsepower by virtue of the similarly capacitated engine; both the trims also include the standardized feature of an automated transmission capable of adapting to different variations of speed. The fuel economy ensured by both the sets of trim is however different. While the first variety of 4X2 ensures economy to the tune of 32 &28 mpg in course of city and highway drives respectively; the second variety of 450h ensures 30 &28 mpg respectively.

Quite similar to other sports vehicles, the SUV of 2011 also strikes balance between acceleration, speed & economy. The powerhouse of this sports car does not call for the use of a separate charger because of the presence of a CVT. By means of its variable transmission the engine gets its requisite charge. The sports vehicle with its utmost towing limit of 3,500 pounds includes a number of safety features.

Besides including provisions of smooth traction control, features of anti skidding, provisions of air bags on its front &sides; the sports vehicle is also adapted to counter collisions. The navigation system of the vehicle can be maneuvered by a remote control. Equipped with full brake of superior quality, the sports utility car’s sensors for pre-empting collision is particularly advantageous. In addition to featuring the blend of speed and spaciousness, the sports car makes for noiseless drives.


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