Subaru to Launch New 2011 JDM Impreza Sport Hatch and G4 Sedan

subaru logo displayed at 2011 naias detroit 18 Subaru to Launch New 2011 JDM Impreza Sport Hatch and G4 Sedan

Subaru has done an appreciable job to upgrade the new car models. It has been confirmed by one of the official spokespersons of Subaru that BRZ coupe and Sports Advance Tourer futuristic models are supposed to be showcased at the Tokyo Motor show.

However, Impreza will be upgraded and tuned to hit the market. This car will be sold in different parts of the country. In Japan, Subaru will do its job by delivering a 5-door hatchback car model under the Sport category. The four door sedan car will also be released by the company. These cars will be fully equipped with sophisticated car upgradation tools like energy efficient automatic transmission, powertrain, exhaust system, carbon diffuser and fully advanced air flap system. The street nav system of the vehicle has been given a new facelift.

So far as the exterior and interior designs are concerned, the vehicle will have a beautifully decorated cockpit. Inside the compartment, there are retractable car seats, leather insulated upholsters, an odometer, a tachometer and a speedometer along with a weather checking tool.

There will be sun visors, rear view glass reflectors, side screens, windshields and wipers. The solid dashboard has small binnacles for ensuring better street navigation system. The non retractable quarter glass windows have been installed to increase the safety of the car. The inter-lockable side doors with a hatchback option have sophisticated the car design.

The rear boot lid is retractable and properly tuned to the car. The wagon station is spacious with sleek design. There is negligible cowl shake with high level of negative camber. This eco-friendly vehicle is nice to look. It is not a smoke spewing vehicle with low drag in engine co-efficiency rate to ensure the swiftness of the car. The automatic transmission tool inside the car is capable of channelizing torque in a more scientific way. The drive-train kit is more functional and fully advanced in terms of performance.

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