Volkswagen New Jetta Hybrid and Electric Car Concept leading to Detroit Show

New Volkswagen Electric Car Concept and Jetta Hybrid Volkswagen New Jetta Hybrid and Electric Car Concept leading to Detroit Show

The Volkswagen Group while being late in the electric and the hybrid sector plans to make up with eco-friendly models within the next few years. According to the Detroit Free Press, the company will unveil a pure electric concept car along with the production version of the Jetta Hybrid in the Detroit Auto Show to be held in 2012, the concept that has never been seen earlier. Sources reveal that the study of electric car will not be based on any current model as Volkswagen has called it ‘Pure concept’ for now.

On the other hand, the Jetta Hybrid is a regular production model and is supposed to appear in North American showrooms from November 2012. This model will be featured with a 1.4 L turbocharged gasoline engine which is attached to an electric motor. The Detroit Free Press also reveals that the new model is meant to challenge the Toyota Prius which dominates the US hybrid market. As per reports, the company with the introduction of the model wants to show its seriousness about introducing battery based ecofriendly technology. However much details are not available at this time including the body styling, powertrain layout etc. It is heard that the styling for the model will be inspired by the Volkswagen Beetle but we have to wait to see if this news is true.

This model is all set to be unveiled in the Detroit Auto Show with all new features. So let us wait and see how it does and whether it comes upto the satisfaction of the customers or not. Whatever it is for more news and for more details we have to wait till the model is introduced. We hope that it will be a successful one and will fulfil customer needs. So all the best!!!

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