2012 Bajaj Pulsar 135 – Meant for Stylists

2012 Bajaj Pulsar 135 2012 Bajaj Pulsar 135   Meant for Stylists

Bajaj Auto India has recently made a bold attempt by releasing superb and eco-friendly 2012 Bajaj Pulsar 135 two-wheelers. This motorcycle is equipped with a number of technical features like easy to care drive-train kit, durable seats, brakes, accelerators and strong kickstand to keep the vehicle in safe.

A team of experts have magnificently upgraded the bike by planting a number of sophisticated and ultra-light tools to increase the efficiency of the vehicle. The emphasis is also thrown on the color contrasts and remodeling of the body of the bike. This Pulsar bike is extremely beautiful in design. A team of experts have done their remarkable jobs by installing the most sophisticated vehicle upgradation equipments which include the energy efficient powertrain.

So far as the color matching is concerned, modern vehicle designers have applied their strong imaginative faculties and caliber to enhance the proper aesthetic appeal in the decoration of the bike with perfection. You will get jet black colored Pulsar for riding with joy. In addition, red and blue color shades are also very charming and attractive. Newly tuned two-wheelers, Pulsar135 variant is extremely glamorous and fashionable for those who like to enjoy weekend expeditions and joy riding by operating this environment-friendly bike. This light weight street hawk has efficiency to run smoothly via highways. The torque generating unit of this bike is fully competent to channelize the torque to ensure the activation of wheels. Tire bands of the wheelbases are flexible, durable and capable of producing maximum traction to prevent the frequent skid-off tendency. The fenders are also attached close to the tire bands for enhancing the protection of the bike wheelbases from water and weather roughness. The excellent visual impact is ensured by experts as they have utilized modern bike designs and innovative technical expertise to upgrade the overall aesthete of the vehicle with excellence. 2012 Pulsar 135 CC in Delhi will be available for Rs. 55,995 or Rs 60,000 max. However price will be high and low depending on the states and availability of the vehicles in the domestic market.


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