2012 Bajaj RE60 – Eco-Friendly and Tiny in Size

2012 Bajaj RE60 2012 Bajaj RE60   Eco Friendly and Tiny in Size

Bajaj is not a very experienced four wheelers tuner. It mainly produces three wheelers and two wheelers. However, in the international market, the name of Bajaj sounds well as it has earned appreciation from different quarters of the society due to release of energy efficient and eco-friendly two wheelers. Time has passed speedily just like a forceful stream. Now modern technology has been invented to increase the speed and working efficiency of vehicles. To keep the modern trends, Bajaj has finally decided to release a small RE60 car which is equipped with properly upgraded drive-train, automatic transmission attachment and carbon diffusers. This small size vehicle will provide adequate room for four persons to sit in the compartment comfortably. A small 200cc powertrain delivers 20bhp. The topmost speed of the car is 43mph.

However, at a press conference, the company’s managing director has claimed that this tiny baby will outperform Nano released by Tata automaker. The aerodynamic facelift, fluorescent lamp bezels, side skis, air inlets and trapezoidal grille are some of the updated car upgradation accessories. Inside the cockpit of this tiny vehicle, four car seats are soft and durable. The leather upholsters are glossy and beautifully designed to ensure the brilliant interior decoration.

This futuristic car model has a number of performance based car tuning tools. The overall aesthete of this small car is excellent. The color contrast of this vehicle is really charming. Though it is a small vehicle, inside the compartment, there is huge space for comfortable sitting. Under the dash there is a cubby for keeping something.

So far as the technical tune up is concerned, experts have confirmed the usage of ultra modern technology to prevent the technical snarl and ensure cost effective car upgradation. The street nav system has been developed by utilizing the sophisticated technology. After the introduction of this small car, there will be a real showdown and competition between Tata Nano and RE60.


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