2012 Citroen C3 Picasso Code Special Edition – Energy Efficient and Aggressive in Outlook

Citroën C3 Picasso Code 600x367 2012 Citroen C3 Picasso Code Special Edition – Energy Efficient and Aggressive in Outlook

If you make a step forward to do a short marketing survey, you will unearth many hidden facts in relation to constant upgradation of vehicles under the modern science. Cars must be attractive as now-a-days, car lovers feel a craze to buy sleek and boxy vehicles which are eco-friendly, long lasting and speedy in covering several miles without facing technical error. The passion for marvelous structural aesthete and color contrasts can’t be denied. C3 Picasso Code has been beautified to make it more dynamic, colorful and elegant due to the application of proper hues.

Customers can choose their favorite color shade from the list of Thorium grey, polar white, cherry red or typical Belle Ile blue color. Picasso is more beautiful than Blackcherry Special Edition. The technical specifications of this futuristic car include an HDi 90 manually propelled VTR+ version that backfires 61.4mpg UK (51.1mpg US or 4.6 lt/100km). The capacity of generating torque is excellent to boost up the front and rear wheelbases of the vehicle. The cockpit of the vehicle is also loaded with an odometer, a speedometer, a tachometer and a climate monitoring tool. The boxy design of the vehicle has brought a dimensional change in the car design. You will feel proud of driving the car.

This vehicle will have retractable car seats with outboard childcare restrain features. The squabs are soft and easy to install. The glass insulated windscreens, non-retractable quarter glass windows of the side doors and properly built interlocking system are also excellent features of the car. Tire bands are durable. Dampers are functional and capable of checking shock to a great extent. The car compartment has been designed properly. There is no cowl tremor in the car. Nor is there any pitfall in structure of the car. The exterior and interior sections of the boxy car are fully modernized and up to mark.

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