2012 Dacia Lodgy MPV – Latest Eco-friendly Family Carriage

2012 Dacia Lodgy MPV 1 2012 Dacia Lodgy MPV   Latest Eco friendly Family Carriage

Dacia is the sister branch of the parent company, Renault which has earned caboodle of success and accolades for producing eco-friendly crossover, cabriolets, sedans and SUV models at comfortable prices. In an official statement, CEO of Dacia has confirmed the imminent release of Lodgy vehicle which will definitely outperform other branded vehicles like Duster Dacia, Sandero and supermini vehicles. Lodgy is one of the sophisticated vehicles which will perform brilliantly minimizing technical slipshod and drawback.

The appearance of Lodgy will be really a matter of enticement due to its charismatic figure and nonchalant color contrasts to soothe eyes of enriched people who like to buy sophisticated cars in excellent color shades. Lodgy is the family carriage which can be operated to accommodate passengers and property to ensure the safety of luggage. The size of the vehicle is 4,500mm in length. Renault puts emphasis on the compact upgradation program to increase fuel efficiency and sophisticated street navigation process. So far so good, experts have understood the mindsets of general folks who want maximum relaxation and comfort when they drive the cars for pleasures. Keeping in mind, car designers have installed retractable squads with leather upholsters. The rooftop spoiler and non retractable quarter glass insulated side windows ensure better visibility and aesthetic appeal of the car.

However, it has not been confirmed till now whether this futuristic model will be backfired in the first quarter of 2012 or in the second last of this New Year. Whatever it may be, one thing is explicit that in terms of fuel efficiency, performance and eco-friendly features, this car will overtake its hardcore rivals in both domestic as well as international markets. In another interview session, one of the official spokespersons has told reporters that they are still undecided about the provision for right hand driving system instead of left hand operating system of the car.


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