2012 Dacia Lodgy MPV with Technical Upgradation Features-Check

Dacia Lodgy MPV Heading to Geneva 203948981 2012 Dacia Lodgy MPV with Technical Upgradation Features Check

Dacia Lodgy has finally released two snapshots of Lodgy MPV. This futuristic vehicle will head towards 2012 Geneva Motor Show which is said to be commenced in March.

Lodgy MPV is a spacious boxy crossover vehicle with a durable chassis. This vehicle can run smoothly through uneven washboard to reach its destination in time. After the successful upgradation and technical tune up of Sandero and Logan variants, Dacia has made one step forward to finalize the growth oriented project to bring changes to the car upgradation program. On the other hand, a controversial topic is still brewing mildly as the management board of Dacia has not taken any decision on positive format in relation to the usage of right hand driving system. Maybe, the company will tarry for few days more to get a optimistic feedback from the experts regarding the application of hi-tech right hand car operability kit to facilitate car drivers who don’t feel comfy about the left hand car driving. The 4.5 m long size car will have better drive train kit, automatic transmission and exhaust system to ensure smooth upgradation of the car. This Lodgy MPV car will provide more space for the comfortable sitting of 5-7 passengers.

Lodgy car has gained recognition due to its charismatic structure. A sense of homesickness rims round the car. The exterior and the interior portions of the vehicle have undergone a radical change. A car passenger will be happy to sit inside the compartment for experiencing trouble free journey. This type of family carriage will surely help car owners to make weekend trips by this car. This boxy vehicle has a large rear wagon station with adequate space for the safekeeping of artifacts and luggage. So far as the technical configuration is concerned, more result oriented drive train, exhaust and carbon diffuser will be installed into the car compartment for better performance.

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