2012 DC Avanti India’s First Supercar to Be Sold in India

DC Avanti Indias First Supercar 2012 DC Avanti Indias First Supercar to Be Sold in India

It is a matter of great pleasure that Indian automobile business is fast becoming a booming industry due to the participation of multinational companies which release their eco-friendly luxurious vehicles at handsome prices. Dilip Chhabria has unfathomable technical expertise in the upgradation of cars which look gorgeous and fuel economic. DC Design Company has taken an important car tuning program to gift more charismatic concept vehicles at the affordable prices.

DC Avanti is the first super car which has been premiered at 2012 Auto Expo in India. Big B unveiled the one-off car model of new super car which is majestic in beauty with mind blowing color contrasts. At a small gathering in his own residential apartment, the company’s CEO has told the journalists and media associates that the presence of Big B magnet in the auto exhibition is marvelous and unforgettable. The whole auto premier show has got a new dynamic facelift. For this reason, the whole evening turned into a tinsel night. Amitabh Bachchan is a legendary Bollywood celebrity whose fame has spread like a ball of fire over the world. Now it is also true that for the first time, India is going to sell a completely sophisticated super car which has a compact drive-train package.

This futuristic super car will have EcoBoost engine as well. Direct fuel injection system is also a major benefit to save fuel. A 6-speed manual transmission tool has been planted into the car engine compartment. In terms of structural aesthete and fuel economy, this futuristic vehicle is more competent and energy efficient.

At the same time this super car will be painted in magnificent colors which will not fade or disappear shortly after being applied to the car compartment. There is no scuttle tremor at the front. Nor is there any structural deformity in the car. The fuel consumption rate is also very low. If you observe the car model closely, you will be overheated in excitement as the whole car is extremely fashionable with dynamic color contrasts. Technical emulsification has been done with pin point accuracy.

Both interior and exterior portions of the car have been upgraded in a more scientific way. The aerodynamic design has punched extra gloss into the car for better viewing. In a conference, experts have finally revealed their futuristic plans in speeding up the super car innovation program. They have taken a unanimous decision to apply the updated car design to increase the natural aesthete of the vehicle. The compartment of the vehicle will be given a special cosmetic treatment for the enhancement of structural elegance of the vehicle. If you throw a quick glance at the frontal part of this super car model, you will be happy to watch the beauty of the fascia of this aerodynamic vehicle. The ultra light bezels have been aligned to the bonnet of the compartment fantastically. Highly powerful fluorescent lamps will be installed into these flat bezels for ensuring better nocturnal navigation.

In an official brief, the CEO of the company has confirmed the introduction of the most sophisticated drive train, automatic transmission and dampers to upgrade this environment friendly car. The slim compartment of the super car will entice teens. The blend between color and modern technology is strongly noticeable in the upgradation of the car. The car wheelbases are durable with rims of long lasting rubber tire bands. The negative camber is higher. The positive camber has been beautifully tuned up for better adjustment. High quality torque fluid has been applied to insulate the servos for speeding up the volume of torque to re-activate the car wheels. This modern car is light in weight with a perfect outboard seating location. The childcare chair has been installed in the middle of the squads for providing the ring of safeguards to minor boys. Finally, this super car doesn’t contaminate the environment.


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