2012 DC Design Avanti Supercar – Smart Car for Fashionable Guys

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Avanti super car model will be seen in Indian market with new features. This car will be eco-friendly with a compact technical configuration. However, at a press conference the CEO of the Avanti automaker has told reporters that the concept of the car design has been borrowed from Tintin comic series. The aggressive design of Avanti will surely arrest the eyes of Indian car aficionados. This is the car which will be upgraded with energy efficient drive train, automatic transmission, exhaust system, dampers, struts and torque converter will be fully revised using the sophisticated technology.

This super car has a totally upgraded Ford V4 turbo charged powerplant which is capable of generating 265hp. This muscular body of the red colored Avanti super car will be kept intact even in the midst of storm and weather roughness. That’s why; you can rely on this vehicle.

The interior portion of the car has been well taken care of by a team of experienced engineers. There are rear view reflectors, an ergonomic steering wheel, dash and a sophisticated binnacle. The wipers are workable in erasing water runnels.

According to experts, dampers perform well in checking backflow of friction by sucking shock. The rate of negative camber is much higher. The drag-in engine co-efficiency is low. This car is also capable of taking extra pressure of passengers. This vehicle doesn’t backfire huge amount of carbon. The street nav system is naturally superb to ensure better nocturnal navigation. Just inside the rear fuselage of the care, therein lie soft to touch and durable car seats with leather upholsters. The escutcheons of the doors of the car are performance based and durable. The cosmetic makeup of the vehicle is excellent and people will definitely purchase this futuristic car model. However, till now prices of this car have not been disclosed.

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