2012 Falcon F7 Supercar unmasked in Detroit

2012 Falcon F7 Supercar 2012 Falcon F7 Supercar unmasked in Detroit

It is in the Detroit Motor show that the Falcon supercar has got unmasked and will now get the share of the action. Almost a year ago a Michigan based firm has made an announcement about its intentions when the March 7 concept was displayed. The progress has been very fast from concept to production and people who are looking to get their hands on it have to keep aside $225K. This model draws power from modified version of the Chevrolet’s LS7 engine. This has been updated with carbon fiber intake which employs separate plenums for each of the cylinder bank and long intake runners. This gives a torque of 813Nm and an output of 620hp and with a weight of 1263kg this car has a nice thrust behind it.

The impressive output as well as its exterior design is making the new model quite attractive to the audience present in the overseas automotive event. This is one attraction of the 2012 North American International Auto Show held in Detroit and is being received well by the audience. But its price is quite high and is not easily affordable. The exterior for the model has been inspired from the 80s supercars, while the interior is crafted to have room for drivers upto 195cm in comfort. It is equipped with standard features which include Bluetooth connectivity, iPod docking station, premium audio system, Garmin GPS, keyless locking, power windows and air conditioner. This hand built car travels on a tig welded chassis with a carbon fiber structural tunnel and carbon fiber unbreakable floor pan and firewall. Like many exotics its body panel is made of light weight carbon fiber. The V8 engine is sourced from Corvette. However, the production of this new model will be limited to 10 units with its price starting from $225,000.

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