2012 Hyundai Hexa Space HND-7 Concept – A Review

2012 Hyundai Hexa Space HND 7 Concept 2012 Hyundai Hexa Space HND 7 Concept – A Review

2012 Hyundai Hexa Space HND 7 Concept 1 2012 Hyundai Hexa Space HND 7 Concept – A Review

2012 Hyundai Hexa Space HND 7 Concept 2 2012 Hyundai Hexa Space HND 7 Concept – A Review

South Korean automobile industry is booming at rapid speed to vie with international car makers. However, it is also true that Indian market is a profitable to international automakers. They prefer Indian domestic market for testing their luck by releasing sophisticated cars for earning revenues.

Hyundai is the famous South Indian company and its involvement with the automobile industry is naturally based on good terms. Recently, this company has declared that Hexa Space will be showcased at New Delhi auto exhibition. Hexa Space HND-7 futuristic vehicle is eco-friendly and fuel economic. The attractive Fluidic Sculpture car design has been used to paint the car dynamically. The aesthetic sculpture has been maintained excellently to enhance the glow of this theme car. Hexa Space HND-7 variant is 4300 mmLx1820mmWx1647mmH. The contour of the wheelbase is 2570mm.

The updated technical spec sheet has also included Kappa 1.2liter capacitated turbo charged GDI petrol fueled powertrain which produces good amount of torque for the activation of wheelbases. A 6-speed automatic transmission attachment has the full fledged power to channelize the backfired torque to shoot it to the front and rear wheelbases smoothly and accurately.

In an official declaration, the CEO of Hyundai has claimed that this concept vehicle is really multi-functional. Breaking the barrier of conventional concepts, car designers have applied their innovative skills and expertise to upgrade the models Technical precision has accentuated the inclusion of updated street nav system and modern aerodynamic designs to increase the beauty of the car. This vehicle is meant for both urban and rural people who like to drive cars for enjoying weekends and nocturnal navigations. The environment friendly tune-up process is really appreciable. However, it has not been cleared by the Korean company when the car will be customized commercially. Maybe by the end of this New Year, this car will be gifted to Indian people for experiencing magnificent car trips.


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