2012 Mithos Electro Magnetic Concept Super Car – Brainchild of Tiago – An Young Car Tuner

2012 Mithos Electro Magnetic Concept Super Car 2012 Mithos Electro Magnetic Concept Super Car   Brainchild of Tiago   An Young Car Tuner

When Tiago, a young energetic and talented Portuguese student started working out on a superb electromagnet vehicle, he was in a dreamy enchantment. He had had a deep imaginative power to reshape the fictitious model. However, science and art are just like twin brothers. You can’t isolate science from art/literature. When Tiago started a research oriented program to tune up the futuristic super car using the sophisticated technology, he planned to bring a technical putsch to car upgradation. His scientific studies, highly powerful imaginative faculty, unfathomable artistic elegance and pint point perfection in designing concept vehicles have enabled him to create a hi-tech aerodynamic vehicle which will learn as a jet liner. It will be a sleek and smart vehicle with a superb 1.5 megawatt electro magnet powerhouse to boost up the engine of the super car. If you take it in horse power rate, it will be around 2011 hp which is supposed to be generated by the powertrain.

His research work was started way back to 2006 when he used his brain to sketch few colorful sketches and snapshots of the concept super car. Now, it sounds more interesting when he has declared that he has had programmed a short feature film on his concept vehicle. This video will come handy to car aficionados to make an idea about this dream super car which is majestic in beauty.

Furthermore, H-Fiber will be used to build up the compartment of the super car. This H-Fiber is resistant to crashes and damages. Mithos Electromagnetic super car will rush surreptitiously without disturbing others. The eco-friendly technology will be utilized to give a constructive shape to the car. More accuracy in technical emulsification and aesthetic appeal will be enhanced to update the super car for better outlook. A powerful Terrain Scanning System will integrate the traction and suspension dampers into a single format for further accuracy in redefining the technical orchestration of this concept vehicle.

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