2012 Peugeot 208 Ice Velvet Edition – More Up-To-Date

2012 Peugeot 208 Ice Velvet Edition 2012 Peugeot 208 Ice Velvet Edition   More Up To Date

Peugeot has unfurled its intention to be speedier in releasing new futuristic 2012 Peugeot 208 Ice Velvet Edition which will hit the market as soon as possible after the completion of the car upgradation.

In an official statement, it has been made clear that this concept vehicle will be found in the streets of Austria, Denmark and Estonia. Total 18 countries have been agreed to buy this futuristic vehicle from Peugeot. Maybe, this concept vehicle will be backfired in the last quarter of this New Year. However, till now there is no concrete information about the date of arrival in the international market.

The compact tune up program has been taken up by the company to upgrade the vehicle by installing absolutely cost effective and durable equipments to enhance the beauty and ensure the efficiency of the car. Most probably, this new car will have a separate outboard childcare anchor to provide comfort and security to child. In addition, this vehicle is equipped with four 18 inch alloy car wheels which are flexible, less weighty and properly rimmed with tire bands for better traction. The tire bands are very fantastic. The axle bars of the car compartment are durable and easy to care. The compartment of this vehicle has undergone a complete change due to the application of up to date technology to update the car scientifically. The frontal fascia and rear tailboard are fully updated with LED and fluorescent lamps which are inserted into the grooves of lamp bezels. The aerodynamic features of the car are also attractive. The air flap system has been upgraded to ensure the proper channelization of fresh air into the vents to refresh inner ambience. The street nav systems, an ergonomic steering wheel to drive the car, a durable dash, a binnacle and cubby just few inches below the dashboard and very much durable retractable car squads for better sitting. Workable dampers are really functional to check the friction. This is the car which provides space for sitting with comfort.


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