2012 Pininfarina Cambiano Teaser – To Be Released Soon

2012 Pininfarina Cambiano Teaser 2012 Pininfarina Cambiano Teaser   To Be Released Soon

Pininfarina Cambiano sedan is a futuristic vehicle which will be premiered to celebrate the 30 years of the birth of Pininfarina. To be frank, this Italian company has spent 30 summers with comfort. In a press release,
Pininfarina Cambiano has made it clear that there is nothing wrong to remember previous flashback which is packed with glories and appreciation as this Italian automaker has maintained regularity in keeping the quality of the vehicle using the eco-friendly and sophisticated technology. With a span of 30 years it has learnt how to upgrade the light weight sedan and other vehicles with aerodynamic features.

This concept vehicle is fuel efficient and it has a fully compact car upgradation kit to bring more dimensions to the car tuning program. To speak the truth, the beauty of the car is magnificent and the energy efficiency of the vehicle is appreciable.

This is the futuristic vehicle which bears Italian flavor and artistic grandeur. The exterior texture of the vehicle has been emulsified in glossy color shades which are attractive and charismatic. The interior portion of the vehicle has undergone a superb charismatic make-up. The sophisticated leather insulated squads, dash, an ergonomically designed steering wheel, an odometer, a tachometer and a climate checking attachment have been given a special priority to ensure the top-to-bottom tuning in a more confident way. The technical orchestration is another important phase and you will have to admit that this is the theme car which has been engineered with excellence to overtake technical drawbacks. The coziness and comfort are ensured due to the installation of durable retractable car seats. The electronic infotainment gadget is environment-friendly. There are durable four wheelbases which are wrapped in long lasting rubber bands. More emphasis is paid to take care of the street nav system. The drive-train kit is powerful and upgraded with energy efficient automatic transmission, exhaust system, carbon diffuser, and completely upgraded car upgradation kit.

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