2012 Renault DeZir Electric Concept – Beautiful in Design

2012 Renault DeZir Electric Concept 2012 Renault DeZir Electric Concept   Beautiful in Design

Renault India has set the ball of progression swinging and rushing at high speed. Recently, consumers have eye-witnessed the hands-on demo at Auto Expo 2012 within the premises of Renault headquarters. The auto exhibition was very exciting as a number of sexy car models were placed for public view. However, Dezir E-concept car is an exception due to its charming aesthete, attractive facelift, magnetic color contrast, innovative car design, sophistication of interior d├ęcor and the magnificent glamour of the fuselage of the car.

Breaking the barrier of conventional legacy and outdated car upgradation process, DeZir E-car enchanted every eye-witness whose presence in the show added up an extra gloss to this theme car.

The technical spec sheet has been published by the top brass officials of the Renault India. Powerful engine with eco-friendly torque generating unit has been installed into the car for enhancing beauty and efficiency of the vehicle. The technical tune up process has also been modified scientifically so that this sophisticated vehicle will meet requirements of all car lovers.

The following technical details are as follows

* Motor: Electric synchronous motor

* Power: 110 kW / 150 BHP

* Maximum torque: 226 Nm

* Top speed: 180 km/h

* Acceleration rate 0-100 km/h: 5 seconds

* Sprinting time 0-50 km/h: 2 seconds

* Battery type: Lithium-ion (24 kW/h)

* Range: 160 km

* Drive: Electric with active differential modes

* Chassis/Internal framework: Tubular steel plate for reconstruction.

This vehicle will surely give a trouble driving experience to a street navigator. The exterior and interior portions of the cab are not only beautiful in design but you will find a number of easy to control modern devices, street monitoring accessories and retractable car seats to bring luster back to redesign the car in more innovative way. This futuristic car model is eco-friendly.

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