2012 Renault Megane Facelift to Be Seen in Europe in March

2012 renault megane facelift 1 2012 Renault Megane Facelift to Be Seen in Europe in March

After successful product endorsement campaign in Australian market, Renault will start making venture to reach European market for releasing more elegant, eco-friendly and fuel economic 2012 Megane car model. The price range has not been released so far. However whatever it may be, Renault has declared that the company is now in good mood to offer attractive pecuniary enhancers to attract car owners in Europe. It has declared that there will be discounts on the new car for European customers.

2012 Megane car model is flexible to operate, dynamic in design and fuel economic as well. The Megane car is a futuristic vehicle and Europe will definitely welcome this type of eco-friendly cars for better performance. This concept vehicle has an updated 1.2 liter turbo direct inject V petrol fed powertrain. This car can run up to 1000 km on one refill. There are other technical features like the aerodynamic fascia, trapezoidal grilles, side skis, spacious rear compartment which is also filled with retractable squads. The leather upholsters are durable. The whole body of the car is long lasting. There is a powerful drive-train kit to ensure better supply of torque and horse power. The automatic transmission is capable of supplying adequate amount of torque to power rear wheelbases.

There is the total absence of cowl shake at the side doors and frontal fascia needs to be upgraded with a pair of fluorescent lamp bezels. The bonnet of the car is strong and durable. The four car wheels are flexible and light in weight. The glass windows, windshields, and wipers are all in good condition. The glass reflectors are helpful to drivers to track any car running from behind. The rate of negative camber of the car is high to ensure better movement of the car. Drag in engine co-efficiency is low and fully controlled.


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