2012 TC-Concepts Audi R8 Toxique

2012 TC Concepts Audi R8 Toxique 2012 TC Concepts Audi R8 Toxique

2012 TC Concepts Audi R8 Toxique 4 2012 TC Concepts Audi R8 Toxique

2012 TC Concepts Audi R8 Toxique 2 2012 TC Concepts Audi R8 Toxique

When we talk about latest car modernization, Audi comes first in its own right. Each time a new design is revealed, their primary aim should be excellence in car manufacturing. However, in terms of the engineers and thinkers of Audi, excellence is not just a goal but a way of life. The excellence of the company appears on the foundation of more than a century of customer value and car engineering. The 2012 TC Concepts Audi R8 Toxique is an addition to the luxury vehicles offered by Audi. The 4.2 liter V8 engine which is planned by TC Concepts brags of the performance to have met the highest standards in car manufacturing. When it comes to perform it gives an output of about 440 horsepower. The use of carbon fiber which is a light weight material gives the cockpit of the car a very scientific and modern look. The same fiber is also used in the dashboard, transmission tunnels, seat consoles and other interior parts.

Audi elevates itself in luxury car production while using new generation designs. In all aspects of interior as well as exterior looks, uniqueness is aimed in every model. The innovative concept gives the new model not only a high end blueprint but also gives a lasting impression to all luxury car enthusiasts. This new model is of length 174.6inch, height 49.3 inch and width 76 inch. It seat capacity includes 2 people with a luggage capacity of 3.5 cu ft. This gives an output of 440 HP and a torque of 316 lb-ft at 4500 rpm. Other details are yet to be known. Whatever it is more details on this new model are yet to be focused. We have to wait for other specific details to be revealed.


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