2012 Volkswagen E-Bugster Concept – A Review

2012 Volkswagen E Bugster Concept 2 2012 Volkswagen E Bugster Concept   A Review

2012 Volkswagen E Bugster Concept 5 2012 Volkswagen E Bugster Concept   A Review

It was at the North American International Show in 2005, that Volkswagen has introduced the concept of the New Beetle Ragster. This is a second generation convertible with a much low roofline and the name being invented on crossing the words ‘ragtop’ and ‘speedster’. It is now after almost six years that “People’s Car” is launching an almost similar concept at the Detroit Motor Show in 2012, which is called the E-Bugster, in which ‘E’ stands for electric and ‘Bug’ represents the U.S pet name of Beetle and ‘ster’ for speedster. The E-Bugster is a vehicle and is quite impressive which is due to the black A-pillars, lower roof, wide C-pillars and the 19 inch alloy wheels. However, the most interesting parts lie underneath its bodywork. It is most likely that the “Bugster” will never progress from its concept stage.

The propulsion system in it consists of an 85KW which is equivalent to 114 HP electric motor which is powered by a lithium ion battery mounted under the boot and the back bench which coincidentally reminds us about the original Beetle’s layout. However, this is where the similarities end as this new model has zero emission and ranges to 100 miles that 160 km. The battery in it is recharged by a plug placed under the VW logo which is compatible with both 240V and 120V chargers and also with quick chargers which gives 80 percent charge in only 30 minutes. Volkswagen calls this electric impulsion system “Blue-e-motion” and has made an announcement that this will be used in other electric vehicles like the Golf Blue-e-motion. We hope that this new model will do well in the market and will come out successful while satisfying its customers. We wish luck and good wishes to the designers and the new model to come upto the expectation of its customers.


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