2013 Buick Encore – A Small Crossover

2013 buick encore detroit 2013 Buick Encore   A Small Crossover

2013 Buick Encore is a small crossover and its swiftness in rushing in whispering sound is excellent. This car will hit the international market by 2013. The size of this small crossover is measured 4,278 mm L x 1.774 mm W x 1.646 mm H. This car has been designed by a team of technical specialists whose knowledge in the car tuning is massive. On the other hand on behalf of the management team of the company, an updated technical spec sheet has been published for updating people about the availability of new features with this crossover. Though it looks just like a tiny baby, it is more dynamic, and energy efficient. The rate of fuel economy is good with low fuel consumption. The drag-in engine co-efficiency level is lower to provide the extra impetus to the car to rush fluently even in the midst of strong blow of wind.

If you overhaul the engine compartment of the crossover, you will certainly find a 1.4 liter turbo V4 powertrain which generates 140hp and 148 pound feet torque at the rate of 1850 rpm. Emphasis is also thrown on the modification of automatic transmission, exhaust system, carbon diffuser and drive train kit as a whole. The torque converting and multiplying unit is functional and capable of producing good amount of torque due to the insulation of torque fluid to ensure the speedy production of this applied force to activate car wheelbases. McPherson strut is powerful and easy to operate. Dampers are capable of minimizing friction by collecting shock.

The inner space has been utilized properly by placing retractable seats plus childcare seats. The outboard seating location is in the rear compartment of the car is another addition. Furthermore, inside the cockpit of the compartment, therein lies a sophisticated street nav system to ensure proper street monitoring and mapping program. The dash is good and smooth. Even you can keep something in the cubby which is just below the dash. The ergonomic steering wheel is flexible and grip safe.


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