2013 Buick Encore Small SUV Puzzle – Technical Review

2013 Buick Encore Facebook teaser close 623x389 2013 Buick Encore Small SUV Puzzle   Technical Review

GM management team has not published any technical spec sheet about the futuristic car under the brand name of 2013 Buick Encore Small SUV Puzzle car. It will be small but its efficiency will be massive to take the passengers to their destination very quickly. According to an official spokesperson of the automaker, this vehicle will be updated with a 1.4 liter or possibly 1.6-liter turbo V4 gasoline based powertrain which supplies adequate torque for the activation of car wheelbases. All wheel drive system is also very functional and it ensures the compact car tuning program.

Encore is the fantastic car which is equipped with a number of sophisticated equipments to bring a change to the format of car design. Discarding any conventional car upgradation technique, the experts of the company have done wonderful jobs by using their innovative technical expertise in boosting the car tuning program. The efficiency of drive-train kit will be increased. The tire bands are made of high quality rubber. The wheelbases are less weighty.

Dampers are capable of collecting shock speedily and the negative camber is comparatively higher. For this reason in terms of performance and fuel economy, this concept vehicle will overtake its rivals. Furthermore, the street nav system inside the car is up to the mark.

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