2013 Dodge Dart – A Review

2013 Dodge Dart 2013 Dodge Dart   A Review

2013 Dodge Dart 3 2013 Dodge Dart   A Review

2013 Dodge Dart 4 2013 Dodge Dart   A Review

2013 Dodge Dart will be manufactured imitating the excellent Fiat architectural ethos. 2013 Dodge Dart is the futuristic car model which will be energy efficient and fuel economic. Meanwhile a number of colorful snapshots have been flashed in the official site for better understanding regarding the latest design and color contrast of Dodge.

According to experts, Alfa Romeo Giulietta’s hardware has been borrowed to accelerate the working efficiency and aesthete of the car model. This is the concept vehicle which is equipped with V4 gasoline fed powertrains. The 2.0-liters and 2.4-liter capacitated powerplants offer 160 and 184 hp respectively. However, in addition customers will also be given 1.4-liter turbocharged engine which is also capable of generating torque in adequate amount to activate the front and rear wheelbases.

Though at the initial stage Dart gonna install a 6-speed dual clutch transmission but later it will be another attempt to insert a 9-speed transmission upgraded by ZF Group.

Dart variant has another technically upgraded drive-train kit in unison with torque multiplying unit, cost effective carbon diffuser, eco-friendly exhaust system. Suspension dampers, struts, servos, clutch disc hub plates and other car tuning accessories will be installed with care. The whole structure of the new car is durable and red colored. Street nav system has been given special priority for the full fledged upgradation,

The level of released carbon in the form of fume is extremely low. You won’t feel any scuttle tremor at the front with the absence of structural deformity in ensuring the car tuning program. The tire bands of the car are naturally durable with good traction. The lighting fixture of the car has been upgraded. Fluorescent lamps are eye adjustable and competent to wipe out darkness. Minuscule objects are visible in eye soothing bright fluorescent light. The swiftness of this vehicle is appreciable.


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